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January 29th

February 21st

March 18th

May 17th

Snow Maiden

Premiere (1882)

International Mother Language Day

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s

Birthday (1844)


National Day

May 31st

June 21st

July (First Saturday)

July 7th


Siblings Day

First Day of Summer

Anna’s Birthday


Free Hugs Day


Chocolate Day

September 26th

November 22nd

December 6th

December 21st

European Day

Of Languages

Film Release


Film Released


First Day of Winter

Elsa’s Birthday

“Show yourself, step into your power.” (Elsa)

If your princess is a little different, write to Elsa!

Amble around Arendelle or explore the enchanted forest in search of the magical river of Ahtohallan.

Exquisite offers for Elsa. Book a date in the week when these fall to save 10%!

Prize Walk

(4 years and up)

Snow in the Chimney

(4 years and up)

Frozen Spelling Race

(4 years and up)

Marshmallow Straw Race

(7 years and up)

Freeze Dance

(4 years and up)

Princess Quiz (This Character or All)

(4 years and up)

Duck, Duck, Goose — Frozen

(4 - 7 years)

Which Princess Am I?

(7 years and up)

Elsa's Magic Snow

(Under 4 years)

Elsa’s Plait

(All ages. Medium/long hair required)

Match the Snowflakes

(Up to 4 years)

Ask Elsa Some Questions

(All ages)

Make Forever Snowflakes

(4 years and up)

Make Christmas Paper Lanterns — Christmas ONLY

(4 years and up)

Make Princess Tiaras

(All ages. Level depends on age)

Song And Dance

Dance of the Snowflakes

(Dance: Under 4s)

Into The Unknown

(Song/Sing Along: All ages)

Let It Go

(Song/Sing Along: All ages)

Show Yourself

(Song/Sing Along: Be Iduna. All ages)

For The First Time In Forever

(Song/Sing Along: Be Anna. All ages)

Ring In The Season — December ONLY

(Song/Sing Along: Be Anna. All ages)

When We’re Together — December ONLY

(Song/Sing Along: Be Anna. All ages)

Don't Let It Olaf Go Song Game

(7 years and up)

Tell Her Story (Frozen)

(All ages)

The Princess on the Glass Hill

(All ages)

The Story of Elsa’s Power (Frozen II)

(All ages)

The Nutcracker — December ONLY

(All ages)

Story Telling Activities  And  Crafts Games Special  Days
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