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“The greatest gift and honour is having you for a daughter.” (Fa Zhou)

If your princess is a little accident-prone, and or Daddy’s girl, write to Mulan!

Let Mulan help you to fight for what you believe in and show who you are inside.

Marvellous Mulan offers! Book a date in the week when these fall to save 10%!

Tell Her Story (Mulan)

(All ages)


(7 years and up)

Tell Her Later Story (Mulan 2)

(All ages)

The Dragon and His Grandmother

(7 years and up)

The Nightingale

(All ages)

The Flower Elves

(4 years and up)

Caught In The Act (Mystery At The Circus)

(Up to 7 years)

The Firebird

(7 and up)

January 16th


February 11th

February 21st

Appreciate A Dragon Day

Chinese New


World Day Of

The Sick

International Mother Language Day

March 8th

April 20th

June (Third Sunday)

August (Varies)

International Women's Day


Language Day




Valentine’s Day

October 1st

October 16th

November 5th

November 16th


National Day

Film Release





Horse Day

Prize Walk

(4 years and up)

In the Dragon’s Cave

(4 years and up)

Duck, Duck, Goose — Mulan

(4 - 7 years)

Princess Quiz (This Character or All)

(4 years and up)

The Ring

(4 years and up)

Which Princess Am I?

(7 years and up)

Catch A Dragon

(7 years and up)

Learn Chinese New Year Animals

(Up to 7 years)

Decorate Fans

(4 years and up; Various Levels)

Ask Mulan Some Questions

(All ages)

Make Paper Lanterns

(4 years and up)

Learn Fan Signals

(4 years and up)

Honour to Us All

(Song with Actions: Under 4s)

Lesson Number One

(Song/Sing Along: All ages)

Honour to Us All  

(Song/Sing Along: Act Out. 4 years and up)

Don’t Drop Mushu Song Challenge

(4 year and up)


(Song/Sing Along: All ages)

Dance of the Firebird

(Dance: Up to 7)

Song And Dance Story Telling Activities  And  Crafts Games Special  Days
你好 or Ni Hao From Mulan