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“I kiss you all not thrice, but heaps of times.” (Anastasia)

If your princess is lovable yet mischievous, write to Anastasia!

Hear stories from the Alexander Palace with her parents Tsar Nicholas II and Tsaritsa Alexandra and her siblings; sensitive Olga, sensible Tatiana, goody-goody Maria, and mischievous Alexei.

Anastasia’s Royal Russian Offers!

Book a date in the week (Monday to Sunday) when these fall and save 10%!

January 7th

February 21st

April 29th

May 18th


Christmas Day

International Mother

Language Day


Dance Day

Tsar Nicholas II’s


June 6th

June 10th

June 18th

June 26th

Tsaritsa Alexandra’s


Tatiana's Birthday

(Anastasia’s Sister)



Maria's Birthday

(Anastasia’s Sister)

August 12th

September 26th

November 15th

December 5th

Alexei's Birthday

(Anastasia’s Brother)

European Day

Of Languages

Olga's Birthday

(Anastasia’s Sister)

Film Release


The Music Box Dancer

( Under 4 year)


(Song Or Sing Along: All ages)

Beyond The Quiet River (Russian Lullaby)

(Under 4 years)

Varenka Dance  

(Russian Folk Dance: 7 years and up)

Once Upon A December

(Song Or Sing Along: All ages)

Dance Like Anastasia And Dimitri — Waltz

(Dance: 7 years and up)

Journey to the Past

(Song Or Sing Along: All ages)


U medvedya vo boru — In the Bear’s Forest

(Up to 7 years)

Kolechko-Kolechko — Ring-ring

(Up to 7 years)

Prize Walk

(4 years and up)

Rezinochka — Elastics

(7 years and up)

 Home Love Family

(Race, 4 years and up)

Going To The Ball — Memory Game

(7 years and up)

Find The Romanov Jewels

(4 years and up)

Will You Go To The Ball?

(7 years and up)

Find Nicholas  And Alexandra’s Love Letters

(4 years and up)

Princess Quiz (This Character or All)

(4 years and up)

Boaire — Rhyme Game

(7 years and up)

Which Princess Am I?

(7 years and up)

Activities  And Crafts

Tell Her Story — Anastasia Film

(All ages)


(All ages)

Real stories from the Alexander Palace

(All ages)

A Christening in the Village

(Up to 7 years)

The Snow Maiden — December 1st to January 6th

(All ages)

Baba Yaga

(7 years and up)

On Thin Ice (Sasha And Alexei)

(All ages)

Princess Odette (Swan Lake)

(All ages)

Little Daughter Of The Snow

(All ages)

The Nutcracker — December 1st to January 6th

(All ages)

Storytelling Song And Dance

Decorate Fabergé Eggs — Easter or Pascha ONLY

(4 years and up)

Make A Dancing Princess

(4 years and up)

Make Princess Tiaras

(All ages. Level depends on age)

Guess Russian Words

(All ages)

Make A Princess Tutu — Suitable For A Small Group

(All ages)

Ask Anastasia Some Questions

(All ages)

Здравствуйте Zdravstvuyte or Привет Privet From Anastasia