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Lostock Hall Christmas Light Switch On

Cash For Kids:

Princessence brought some great last minute sparkle to our Christmas Light Switch On and market event. Elsa braved the wind and rain to spread some Christmas cheer handing out tiaras and paper snowflakes and taking photo with some very excited children. That is when she wasn’t hiding from the Grinch or saying hello to our Santa.


Saime supported us at our King Charles Coronation Special event: Party in the Carpark. She appeared as both Anna & Elsa, which was extremely popular with the children in attendance. She took part in a range of activities such as making snowflakes and selling tiaras & bubbles – which also went down a hit and raised much needed funds for Cash for Kids. Saime was a pleasure to work with from start to finish and we would highly recommend her services.


Heskin Hall Christmas Market

Birthday Video Call

Princess Anna offered the chance to make paper snowflakes (having been taught by Elsa), and take a quiz to test your knowledge of Frozen and and Frozen II to win an early Christmas gift. And being Anna lots of chocolate was given out!

Lynne H

Princessence came to the rescue and gave us a last minute video call from Queen Elsa for my daughter's 4th birthday.  It was fun to learn that Arendelle was also in Lockdown but Elsa was using her magic to lighten the mood. This cheered us all up very much after having to cancel our initial party plans due to

Sarah S Lockdown

Church Christmas Fair

St Gabriel’s Church

Princessence provided some Christmas magic as Elsa appeared alongside Santa for our Christmas Fair. Elsa helped the children write letters to Santa and directed them to Santa’s post box.


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