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Tell Her Story — Cinderella

(All ages)

The Town Mouse And The Country Mouse

(Under 4 years)

Cinderella II Dreams Come True

(All ages)

The Tale of Two Bad Mice

(Up to 7 years)

Cinderella III A Twist in Time

(All ages)

The Elves And The Shoemaker

(Up to 7 years)

Cap of Rushes (Version of Cinderella)

(All ages)

The Nutcracker — December ONLY

(All ages)

"A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep." (Cinderella)

If your princess loves to have a ball, write to Cinderella!

Mice, a pumpkin, and a glass slipper! And… Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!

Sensational Cinderella offers! Book a date in the week when these fall to save 10%!

Prize Walk

(4 years and up)

Wicked Stepmother vs. Fairy Godmother

(4 years and up)

Glass Slipper Search

(4 years and up)

Cat & Mouse

(7 years and up)

Escape the Midnight Chimes

(4 years and up)

Princess Quiz (This Character or All)

(4 years and up)

Musical Pumpkins

(4 years and up )

Which Princess Am I?

(7 years and up)

A Dream Is A  Wish Your Heart Makes

(Song/Sing Along: All ages)

Animals & Music

(Musical Play: Up to 7 years)

The Music Box Dancer

(Dance: Under 4s)

The Clog Dance

(Be Drizella, Anastasia or mice. Up to 7 years)

The Work Song

(Dance: Be the mice. Under 4s)

Dance Like Cinderella —  Waltz

(Dance: 7 years and up)

January 13th

March 3rd

March (Second Friday)

April 23rd

Make Your Dreams Come True Day

World Wildlife


World Sleep


Sergei Prokofiev ‘s


July 26th

September(Third Saturday)

September 25th

October 4th

Film Release


World Clean-up


World Dream


World Animal


October 31st

November 13th

November 21st

December 21st

World Magic


World Kindess


Cinderella Ballet

Premiere (1945)




Decorate Mouse Ear

(4 years and up)

Make Princess Tiaras

(All ages. Level depends on age)

Make A Fairy Wand

(4 years and up)

Ask Cinderella Some Questions

(All ages)

Song And Dance Story Telling Activities  And  Crafts Games Special  Days
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