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"Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it." (Merida)

If your princess is bold and brave, write to Merida!

We’re off to Scotland where Clan DunBroch live. Have fun at the castle or saddle up, chase the wind and touch the sky.

Magnificent Merida offers! Book a date in the week when these fall to save 10%!

Tell Her Story (Brave)

(All ages)

The Lady’s Tale (Travelling to the Shrine)

(7 years and up)

Black Angus

(All ages)

The Dell of Time (The White Stag)

(7 years and up)

The Sharp Grey Sheep (Scottish Cinderella)

(7 years and up)

The Fairy Nurse (Christian Story)

(7 years and up)

Prize Walk

(4 years and up)

Guess The Animal

(4 years and up)

Duck, Duck, Goose — Brave

(4 - 7 years)

In the Bear’s Cave

(4 years and up)

Merida’s Horse — Word Game

(4 years and up)

Princess Quiz (This Character or All)

(4 years and up)

Find The Lost Arrows

(4 years and up)

Which Princess Am I?

(7 years and up)

Merida’s Games —  Prove You’re Brave

(All ages)

Colour In The Target

(Up to 7 years)

Draw A Tapestry For Dunbroch Castle

(All ages)

Decorate Arrows

(4 years and up)

Ask Merida Some Questions

(All ages)

Witche’s Magic Potion

(4 years and up)

Dance Of Clan DunBroch

(All ages)

Dashing White Sergeant (Dance, 6 Needed)

(7 years and up)

Song And Dance Story Telling Activities  And  Crafts Games

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